Friday, 6 September 2013

– Self Portrait Images on the Library of Birmingham's Digital Gallery

1000+ Self Portrait Images on the Library of Birmingham's Digital Gallery.

In 2011 Brian Homer and I of Self Portrait Birmingham led the commission by the Library of Birmingham (LoB) Public Art Programme / Photography Collections Team. 

Public studio sessions were run in the city centre at the old Central Library and in the Cathedral grounds and in Edgbaston, Handsworth, Ward End, Castle Vale and the Jewellery Quarter. Two extra days where devoted to visit house bound people using the Library Services at Home. 

The result is a dynamic archive of images that shows the city’s incredible diversity and reflects its growth and development in a fascinating and positive light in the 21st Century. So, as well as representing and celebrating the cultural diversity of modern Birmingham, these images give an insight into modern life.

Today we started to round of the project with three days of further Self Portrait Sessions in the New Library offering the usual free print plus the images going live on display in the libraries' welcome screen.

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