Friday, 10 May 2013

– Opposing the Bedroom Tax, Ladywood, Birmingham.

Ladywood residents in their council flats who where asked to pay bedroom tax, which would take them into debt. Ladywood has the highest number of people in Birmingham effected by the bedroom tax. Top to bottom:

Robert, outside his council flat. He has lived in the flat for 15 years, with his refugee wife and 2 daughters from Sierra Leone of whom one has moved out.

Kathleen, watching politicians on TV in her council flat. She has lived in the flat for 13 years, first with her 3 daughters who now have moved out but come to visit and stay over with her grandchildren. She works part time as a cleaner for the same employer for 19 years but is reliant on housing benefit.

Michael, in his council home. He initially moved in the house with his parents in 1970, later lived here with his son and sister. Both have moved on but his son will return within a year. Michael a builder on sickness benefit is supposed to bring up £22 per week.

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