Wednesday, 27 March 2013

– Madhyamaloka, the End of an Era.

Today Madhyamaloka will cease to be. 

The photograph shows a devotional image of members of the early preceptors college. From left to right Subhuti, Sanghadevi, Sona, Srimala and Suvajra. 

In the mid nineties Bhante Sangharakshita had gathered some of his senior disciples around him in Birmingham in order to hand on his main responsibilities. The men lived with him at Madhyamaloka and the women lived down the road in a further community. 

Madhyamaloka it self was now sold on as a further step in the development of the Triratna movement took Sangharakshita and others to the large country dwelling Adhisthana hosting several communities near Coddington.

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