Wednesday, 19 September 2012

– Rudi Dutschke Straße going past Axel Springer headquarter, Berlin

The renamed Rudi Dutschke Straße outside the the Axel Springer publishing house headquarters, Berlin. Rudi Dutschke was a Marxist German student leader of the 1960. 
In the 1960s the student movement was in a constant struggle with the reactionary Springer press and their daily newspaper Bild Zeitung. Rudi Dutschke survived an attempted assassination by a right winger. During the same time the Bild Zeitung was campaigning against the student movement and only days before encouraging people to help the police against the students and calling for a seizure of their leaders.
The renaming of the road took place in 2008 on the 68th birthday of the late Rudi Dutschke.

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