Sunday, 30 September 2012

– Menschen wollen starke Sinneserfahrungen machen.

Manjusri shrine and sticky pad saying: Menschen wollen starke Sinneserfahrungen machen./People want strong sense experiences. Sarathi's home Minden, Germany.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

– Rhein in echt, from Düsseldorf Oberkassel, Germany

Rhein in echt. 
River Rhein photographed from Düsseldorf Oberkassel showing the gas and steam turbine power station Lausward. Photographed from the river banks where Andreas Gursky captured his Rhein II of which a print was auctioned for $4338500 (£2.7 m) making it at that point the most expensive photograph ever sold. 
His image didn't even include the power station!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

– Rudi Dutschke Straße going past Axel Springer headquarter, Berlin

The renamed Rudi Dutschke Straße outside the the Axel Springer publishing house headquarters, Berlin. Rudi Dutschke was a Marxist German student leader of the 1960. 
In the 1960s the student movement was in a constant struggle with the reactionary Springer press and their daily newspaper Bild Zeitung. Rudi Dutschke survived an attempted assassination by a right winger. During the same time the Bild Zeitung was campaigning against the student movement and only days before encouraging people to help the police against the students and calling for a seizure of their leaders.
The renaming of the road took place in 2008 on the 68th birthday of the late Rudi Dutschke.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

– Security staff on the Reichstag, Berlin.

Security staff on the Reichstag observation deck above the Bundestag Plenarsaal. The observation deck and glass dome are open to public visitors.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

– Voices for a German Minimum Wage, Berlin

Stimmen für den Mindeslohn
Voices for the Minimum Wage
Murial in Berlin Mitte

Würde hat ihren Wert, Arbeit hat ihren Preis, Gesetzlicher Mindestlohn
Dignity has its Value, Work has its Price, Statutory Minimum Wage 
Glass facade of the Verdi Haus, Berlin Mitte

Monday, 3 September 2012

– Inauguration of the Buddhistisches Tor Berlin

Inauguration of the Buddhistisches Tor Berlin/Einweihung des Buddhistischen Tors Berlin led by the chairman Amogharatna. On Saturday 01.09.2012 festive celebrations were held on the new premisses, the former Urban Hospital in Berlin Kreuzberg. The large scale event, put on by the local sangha, was attended by several hundred people from all over Germany and Europe.
More images can be found here and here.