Thursday, 10 May 2012

– Strike by public sector workers over pensions.

Strike by public sector workers over pensions. PCS members during a joint union rally outside Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

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david said...

People tend to forget that the reason Private sector pensions are poor is because Gordon Brown raided pensions years ago. Brown allowed companies to use Pension Pots on the stock market, so it is unfair attacking the Public sector

This government and the previous one have squandered public money and that is the real reason the country is broke. Benefits have increased from £90 billion to £150 billion in 10 years! A lot of civil servants are paid huge wages, Doctors earn over £200k, Mayors similar, Dentists, Headmasters over £100k, and council chief executives. That's a lot of public money gone.

Then there are companies bought out by foreign ownership, many of which now pay much less in taxes. Boots used to pay £80 million but now only £9 million. Government is not truthful when it says pensions are to blame!