Friday, 20 April 2012

– Sangharakshita Print at Padmaloka

I am glad that last week the offering of my 1.70m large panoramic photograph of Sangharakshita went up in the Padmaloka lounge. 

It shows Sangharakshita in his study at Madhyamaloka in Birmingham where he has spend much of his time over a period of almost 15 years and where he received many visitors mounting up to several thousand people. Roughly about 300 a year in the recent years and a bit less in the years when he was more active in his travels and visits to other places.

The image itself was merged into one from 65 high res digital photographs taken in November last year. It was a very fulfilling experience to see the image printed, framed and going up.

The detail is impressive as one can read most book spines on Bhante's shelf. Using his wall calendar one can actually see that for example he met Vessantara on the 27th of November.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

– Ground Staff Stansted Airport

Ground staff at Stansted Airport preparing a Ryanair Boing 737-800 flight to Krakow as passengers board the plane.